Industrial Epoxy Floor Contractors in Portland Oregon

Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Contractors in Portland Oregon

Industrial Epoxy Floor Contractors – Smith and Company Painting

We have been providing concrete coatings, industrial epoxy and residential painting for over 50 years in Portland Oregon and surrounding areas with thousands of completed projects.

This project completed here was completed for the Evonik Degussa Corporation in Portland. The total size of the project was 20,000 square feet. Our job was to grind the old epoxy coating and reapply a fresh system. The old epoxy was in fairly good condition. Over time the floor developed scratches that trapped dirt making.

By grinding and reapplying a new industrial epoxy floor system we were able to provide a quick turnaround with a system that will last them years.

Our biggest challenge was working around and under the pipes and tanks. We used small hand grinders and brushes and rollers to complete the job. We used General Polymers GP 3745 self leveling epoxy. This is a 100% solids industrial coating ideal for a recoat. It is easy to maintain and high performance.

We use many different types of epoxies depending the the situation. If you are looking for industrial concrete floor contractors in Portland Oregon, Smith and Company Painting can help. We are well equipped with the proper equipment, experience and product line to handle any project. Contact us for more information.

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We specialize in industrial epoxy floor coatings from Portland to McMinnville Oregon and surrounding areas.